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This Week In Soccer for Charles.

As much as the World Cup is loved, the international break is much disliked. From friendliest that don’t matter, to injuries that affect club seasons, there’s a lot to be disliked. 

However, the return of club football in Europe, is something we all look forward too. Major League Soccer is coming to an end, with the Playoffs in the Conference Finals, the drama is at an all time high. 

The greatness that is Messi, was on full display against Atletico Madrid. Having pulled off an insane piece of skill in the match. 

I mean, we all know he isn’t human, but Jesus Christ. 

Tottenham had themselves a day against Chelsea. With the latter having a stellar start to their season, they now have something to build off of. A 3-1 smacking. Harry Kane was everywhere, but Son’s goal was the icing on the beautiful cake. Jorginho and David Luiz are now Son’s son’s 

It’s still incredible to me that we almost lost Son to military service for his country. That’s netiher here nor there, but I’m thankful he brought home the gold. Goals like that are what makes him such a special player. 

I just want to end this by saying thank you, to Didier Drogba himself. He announced his retirement from the Beautiful Game. Nothing but respect for the Legend and King.  


Catch us on our Podcast this week, “Inside The Area”, And well be covering more topics and stuff in this week of soccer. Thank You. 

You Matter.  

Inside The Area 14/15

Milan Pavkov needs a Statue.

Milan Pavkov needs a Statue.