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Josh Sargent, Leader of the Front, December.

Josh Sargent, Leader of the Front, December.

Josh Sargent, the 18 year old American, is having a good December in Germany. 

The Werder Bremen Forward, now has 2 goals in 3 matches, however, it sounds better when you say 2 goals in 45 minutes. Sargent has been coming on late, in the last few matches. Knocking in some pelotas, guey.

First Match, making his Bundesliga debut, was against Fortuna Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf just came off from three straight wins, until they met Werder Bremen. In the 76th minute, Sargent came onto the pitch, up 2-1, to put the match away. Took two fucking minutes, for this guy to put the ball in the back of the net, insane. Right place, right time, and pure instinct. 


Fortunately, when you take advantage of the minutes you’re given, you will eventually get more minutes. This bodes well for the young American.

Next match, came against Dortmund. In this matchup, Josh Sargent didn’t score a goal, but the fact he came on to the pitch down 2-1 in the 83rd minute, means his Manager has faith in him. When Christian Pulisic got subbed on, in the 89th minute, there were two future USMNT stars on the pitch. A good look for US Soccer, and a testament to take on challenges abroad. Respect. 

In today’s matchup, we saw young Sargent, and he delivered the goods. In a matchup with RB Leipzig, Sargent grabbed a goal, but it wasn’t enough to help his team get a point. Bremen fell to Leipzig, after coming from behind 2-0. Ol’ Boy came on in the 66th minute, down 2-1. Within 11 minutes, Josh Sargent tallied the equalizer.


I can’t wait to see how well Josh Sargent will do in 2019. The Bundesliga has quite a few young American stars. 2019 could be a breakthrough year, and all #USMNT fans need something to look forward too. Thank you Josh Sargent, for putting hope in our hearts. 


You matter, thanks for checking out Area 18 FC this year. We appreciate you, and you matter.  

Christian Pulisic to join Chelsea in Summer

Christian Pulisic to join Chelsea in Summer

Paco, a man set free.

Paco, a man set free.