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#WORLDCUP 2026 will be in North America!

If dreams do come true, I will be watching World Cup soccer in my home country. It that seems like it will happen, given the fact USA was announced with Mexico and Canada, as host for THE 2026 World Cup. 

The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be the first World Cup expanded to 48 countries, across 6 footballing federations. Host countries automatically receive a bid, so USA and CANADA will actually have representatives at this World Cup, unlike 2018. 

This step forward, even though its in 8 years, is huge for The Beautiful Game here in America. Also, helps Mexico gain another World Cup bid, after hosting in 1970, and 1986. Canada's solo appearance came in 1986, shout out Gumpy, so I know Canada is excited to be in on this World Cup madness. 

USA originally hosted a World Cup in 1994, and that hosting event alone, vaulted soccer in America. 2 years later, MLS held their inaugural season in 1996. America had caught the soccer fever. Something it had lacked in its DNA, unlike its neighbors to the south. 

Mexico will host 10 games, as well as Canada. United States will gain majority of the games, including knockout stages and the World Cup Final. World Cup final expected to be played at at Metlife stadium. 

Start planning now, you will want to be there, you will want to be apart of this, and you will want to take part in the history of The Beautiful Game. 


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