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#WorldCup #Rusia2018 What to look for Wednesday, as Second Round play rolls on.

Following the near elimination of Egypt, Russia is holding a +7 goal difference after a 3-1 win. They sit atop going into round 3, unless Uruguay put up 7 against Saudi Arabia. Honestly though, wouldn’t put it past them. Cavani and Suarez could put up  a few unless Saudi Arabia are ready for the challenge. Assuming Uruguay win, it would mean Russia and Uruguay go through, and play it out for who gets top seed. It always matters. Especially when it could be Portugal, Spain, or top of the table Iran. The last round match day would decide it, unless Saudi Arabia shock Uruguay and send Group A into a frenzy. 

After the most exciting group game left a 3-3 draw, Spain look to take their possession and dominate against Iran. While Portugal will look to win an important one against Morocco, whose loss came on an own goal late in the game. Iran sit top of the group and will be looking to establish them selves nicely atop group B, with at least a draw.  

Hierro’s men dominated in Spanish fashion against Portugal, which saw majority possession and some shaky transitional defense. Which was how Portugal capitalized. Fernando Santos had his men sit tight and Counter Attack, and it was a thing of beauty. Being bailed out late by Cristiano’s incredible free kick, Portugal will look to boss in Midfield against Morocco.  

Morocco will have to go on without Amrabat, who has a concussion. Terrible loss. He received it in the match against Iran. Probably didn’t help having your trainers stand you up, and slap your face, immediately after. If they can break down the strong hold of Portugal’s defense, they’ll still have their work cut out for them in transition. Iran will have their work cut out for them, as a strong tactical discipline will be in order. I’d be surprised if Iran came out and took the game to Iran, but that’s exactly what Mexico did to the World Champions, and they won. It’s easy to say, and another to do. Iran will look to forward Azmoun, most likely up top. He’ll need to improve on his distribution of passing, in order to hold up play for Iran in transition. Iran will only need a few shots, and they’ll capitalize on one or two. Spain will have to force the issue and score, which will be hard against the Iranian defense. 

If Portugal and Spain win, they’ll be tied atop the group, only separated by goal differential. If Morocco win, they would jump Portugal. If Iran win, they will have 6 points up top. Draws for both teams favor Iran’s chances, as they would sit atop with 4 points and it would be all to play for in the Final Match day. 

Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings us, this has been incredible so far. Thank you for reading. You matter.  

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