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#WorldCup #ESP #IRN Quick Preview for Spain and Iran.

Going into today’s final game, one of these teams is really good at scoring goals on set pieces. The other is really good at conceding goals on set pieces. Iran is very good at scoring on set pieces. Spain is pretty poor at defending. Another issue appeared for Spain in the opening match, transition defense was pretty poor as Portugal had two goals against the run of play. Iran can set 10 men in the box and continually press Spain back and out, and see how well they can defend. With Iran doing that, they can hit Spain quick on the counter. You can bet on Spain electing to control the match, and pass amongst everyone continuously. 

With having been pretty bad against Portugal in transition, Spain must do better as well as not commit fouls. Giving up naive fouls in the attacking half for Iran, will greatly benefit Iran’s style of getting men forward when the ball is dead. Iran could benefit from breaking up the run of play, when Spain has the ball, and slowing the game down. Not allowing Spain to get in their groove early.  Iran will also have to beware of how Spain can play quick on the counter. Iran’s gameplan worked for them in the first match, they got a win. Spain will need the 3 points today, to keep pace with Portugal. Portugal went top of the group today with a win against the Might Morocco. 

Look for a big match from Isco today, who will be looking to breakdown the defense for Iran. Azmoun for Iran, will have to make good on his chances. Standout goalkeeping from Beiranvand as well, wouldn’t hurt. Going to be a tactical one. 

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