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Group D and what to watch for.

After Croatia beat Argentina, Group D is set up for a wild final match day. It hasn’t even finished second round play, still with Iceland and Nigeria to play. Croatia created problems all match long against Argentina, and had a much deserved Win. The pressure from Croatia, when Argentina was playing out of the back, was to great for Messi and  company. Midfield Maestro Luka Modric, put on a clinic, and scored an absolute banger. Here’s how Group D sits.  


If Iceland can continue to play how they played against Argentina, they can cause problems for Nigeria. The defensive work by Iceland is immense. Ensuring there is always 11 men behind the ball at all times. With a victory by Iceland, will be at 4 points and Argentina 1 and Nigeria 0. Going into the final match day, if Iceland win tomorrow, they will need but a draw to move onto the round of 16. They will then play Croatia, who already booked 1st place in their group. Croatia could look to test some players, and that could benefit Iceland. However, This is the World Cup. Look for Croatia to win out. 

If Nigeria beat Iceland tomorrow, they will take second of the group, and hold there destiny. They would sit with 3 points while Iceland 1 and Argentina 1. This would mean on the last group play, Argentina would play Nigeria and a win would see Argentina through, unless Iceland beats Croatia and then goal differential comes in. Wow, this is everything we love about the World Cup. 

I would like to see Iceland beat Nigeria, and that would almost end Argentina’s chances of moving on. As they would need help from Croatia to beat Iceland on the final day. 

I believe Croatia and Iceland will make it through, but don’t count out Nigeria. I presume Argentina is done, who knows though. Tune into the crazy final matchday for this round. Next Tuesday, but don’t forget to watch Iceland and Nigeria tomorrow morning. 


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