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Group F Chaos and Scenarios.

That Toni Kroos goal made it all to play for, in Group F’s last match day. If Mexico at least get a draw v. Sweden, then Mexico is in. If Germany also win v South Korea, its Germany and Mexico to the next round.

However if Sweden beats Mexico by 2 or more goals, and Germany beats South Korea, then its Germany and Sweden through.

If Sweden beat Mexico by 1 goal, and Germany beat South Korea by 1 goal, then Germany, Sweden, and Mexico, will be at 6 points and tied in goal differential. Then it will be decided on who scored more goals in their 3 games.


If South Korea beat Germany, and Sweden Draw with Mexico, Mexico and Sweden are through. If South Korea get a Draw against Germany, and Mexico beat Sweden, Germany and Mexico are through. If they all end in draws, Mexico and Germany are through on Goal differential.


If South Korea beat Germany, and Mexico beat Sweden, 2nd Place would be decided between South Korea, Sweden and Germany, and it would come down to goal differential. 

Anything seem wrong, let us know. The chaos continues next week!  


(Via FotMob)  


Russia and Uruguay, Group A, going into final round of Matches.

Ahmed Musa, The Incredible.