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Our first taste of crazy, Group B.

At 11am Pacific Time, Group B will kick off into craze. 3 teams still have the capability of advancing into the Round of 16. 2 of them play each other, of course, with one team allowed to just play spoiler. Both games happen at the same time, so it’s for you to decide who to match. 

Spain currently sit top of the group, but doesn’t mean they’ll make it through. The Spaniards play against Morocco, who were eliminated after a loss to Portugal last week. Spain are only top of the group because of yellow card differential, as they are level on point and goal differential with Portugal. Spain will have to come up with a better result than Portugal and Iran, in order to go through. A win would do that, but would also need Portugal to not overcome them in goal differential. If Spain draw, and Portugal draw, then goals for, would decide who gets top of group. If Morocco beat Spain, it’ll fall down to how Iran and Portugal fair. 

A Morocco win would be merely a moral victory for them, but it could eliminate Spain. A Morocco win by two goals would be devastating, especially if Portugal and Iran draw. If that happens, it’ll eliminate Spain, and Portugal would Top Group. Iran would go through second on goal differential. If Morocco and Spain draw, Spain would go through. 

Iran sit behind Portugal by 1 point, and still have a shot at making it through. Iran need a win, but at least a draw, might see them though. If a draw occurs between Portugal and Iran, Iran would need Spain to lose by 2 or more goals to Morocco. It would let Iran slip by on Goal differential. If tied on goal differential, it would come down to who scored more goals. If Iran beat Portugal, they would advance into the Round of 16 and eliminate Portugal, unless Spain lose by more goals than Portugal. Their seeding would depend on Spain and Morocco result. 

Portugal need at least a draw, to cement themselves into the Round of 16. If Portugal lose, They would need Spain to lose by more goals than them, in order for Portugal to advance. Safe bet, Portugal win and they’re in. A Portugal Win would also see Iran eliminated and Spain would go through automatically. Seeding would just very between outcome of Spain and Morocco match. I am going crazy thinking about it. 

This is only Group B. I need caffeine for this week.  

Any questions, let us know!  


Table via FotMob  

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