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What A World Cup It Was....

From the opening kick, to the final whistle, this World Cup gave us everything. I can’t recall their being such an amazing tournament. We were introduced to VAR, Croatia captured our hearts, England almost brought it home, and Mbappé showed the world who he is. This isn’t even a small taste of what happened, but merely a glimpse. Belgium presented us with a Golden Generation of players, we could likely see at a World Cup again. England and France showed out with young squads. Could see both teams with the similar  squad at 2022 World Cup, minus a few changes of course. 4 years is so far away, however, it’s already on our minds.  

Heres your outstanding awards for players this tournament.  


Golden Ball is presented to the best player at the World Cup, and Luka Modrić proved just that. Going into the final, he led Croatia in touches, distance covered, and tackles. Proving box to box midfielders come in all shapes and sizes. The Might Modrić captained his side to the World Cup Final. Taking on extra time in 3 straight matches, and willing to the final, Incredible accomplishment.  


Young Player of the Tournament was presented to 19 year old sensation, Kylian Mbappé. I don’t know what you were doing at 19, but I was just trying to do the things he can on the pitch, on FIFA 2010. From showing blistering pace and clinical finishing against Argentina in the Round of 16, to smashing the final goal for France in the final,  the kid came up BIG. Hopefully we will have the pleasure of seeing him at the next two world cups. 2026 in America, might just be Mbappé’s world by then. 


Golden boot was presented to Harry Kane. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you score them, as long as they get in. Kane had a flurry of goals in the Group Stages, and it helped him bag the Boot. At the young age of 24, Harry Kane can build off his time at the World Cup. Gareth Southgate did well at the 2018 World Cup, and having Harry Kane possibly lead your attack again in 4 years, only helps preparations more. I hope Southgate stays for England. Kane and him might bring it home, in 4 years.  


Golden Glove went to Courtois, who helped Belgium take 3rd. Courtois was outstanding in matches for Belgium. INUI got the best of him for Japan, but other than that, he was solid. Curiosity is, will Courtois be back at Chelsea next season? After a good World Cup performance, it could propel him into a new squad. If he so desires to leave, it will be to a Champions League team. If he decides to stay, new Chelsea Manager Sarri, will have one less thing to worry about. 

Thank you for reading. You matter.  

Jürgen Klopp is on a mission.

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