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Uruguay and France

The first match for the Quarterfinals, is Uruguay and France. The big focus going in for Uruguay, will be seeing how they can get goals without star man Cavani. Cavani will most likely be out with a calf injury, he sustained it in the last match against Portugal. France will need to improve upon their performance against Argentina, in order to beat a better defensively organized team in Uruguay. 

In their last match against Argentina, Kylian Mbappé rose to the occasion. He put on one of the best World Cup performances, at just the age of 19. That’s amazing. Here is the high lights  


Incredible goals by Mbappé. Not to mention, Varane and Umtiti were solid. Pavard had an amazing strike. Kanté will be the solid man in midfield. Tracking Luis Suárez and his runs, will be another tall task. Especially after marking Messi for close to the entire match. Here’s how France lined up against Argentina, and you could see the same thing against Uruguay. (Via FotMob) 


It will be interesting to see who starts in place of Cavani. Uruguay is more than capable up sticking in another attacker, and flourishing with a connection with Suárez. Cristhian Stuani seems the likely replacement for Suárez. Maximiliano Gomez could see some playing time as well. The young striker had an exciting season at Celta Vigo in La Liga. Finished his last match of the season with 2 goals and an assist, in a 4-2 win against Levante. It will be interesting if Cavani isn’t cleared at all, because Uruguay strive in a 4-4-2 formation. A partner for Suárez will be determined, but they’ll need to step up in a big match against Varane and Umtiti of France. Here’s a recap of how Uruguay did against Portugal. 

A huge part of Uruguay’s success, is in the hands of their defense. I technically sound brick house, that is very good at closing out matches. Having only given up 1 goal this World Cup, to Portugal, France’s front three will have there hands full. Giménez and Godin are teammates at Atlético Madrid in Spain. The two create an absolute incredible tandem at center back. They shut down Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal’s attempt at a comeback, in earliers round of 16. Laxalt had a HUGE game at left back, and will need to do so again. Dealing with Griezmann and Mbappé will be no easy task for the 25 year old. This was how Uruguay lined up last match, look for the same, but minus Cavani for Stuani. 


The match will be an intriguing one, tactically. If Uruguay go up first, expect them to be more defensive and see out the match. I think if Uruguay score first, they’ll most likely see out the match with that incredible defense. If France can exploit the wings of Uruguay and get good low crosses into Giroud, it should benefit the Striker for France. He will be throwing it down all match with Giménez and Godin. Mbappé will most likely again, be the difference maker for France. Is they can catch Uruguay out on a counter, I like Mbappé’s chances against Godin and Giménez, speed wise. The young mans quick! I’m sure you saw him leave Argentina for dead in the top video. 

Enjoy this match and all its beautiful moments. It will be a touch match up. Don’t expect a ton of goals, but expect a ton of heart and passion. Thanks for reading. You matter.  

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