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Brazil and Belgium

After today’s match determined one semi-finalists, Brazil and Belgium lock up to see who plays France next week.

Brazil, coming off a strong showing against Mexico, will look to cointinue how they played in the 2nd half of their last match. Belgium will look to improve defensively, after Japan went up 2-0 on them last week.

Roberto Martinez shifted his tactics last match, to bring on Fellaini. The match became very direct for Belgium, and it helped them secure a last gasp winner against Japan. Here are the high lights  



It will be something to look for, if Roberto Martinez decides to use a back 3 for Belgium. Only 3 in the back could be very vulnerable for Belgium, especially against this Brazil attack. I would like to see Belgium set up with a back 4, and possess the ball around Brazil. Attack through the air with Lukaku against Silva and Miranda, will be matchups to watch. De Bruyne and Witsel have been a great midfield pairing, but looked to spaced out at times. Dembélé could be a perfect third for that midfield. It will allow Mertens and Hazard to receive the ball farther up the pitch. I expect Hazard to have a large role in today’s match. He’s typically decisive in the attacking third. Could be what’s needed to break through Brazil’s defense  

Brazil haven’t really looked great in any match, and yet they find themselves in a Quarterfinals. They could have their best match today against Belgium. Tite’s men have been a solid defensive team. Actually, they’ve been rather great. The one thing missing, I’d say would be goals up top. I want to see Firmino start against Belgium. He grabbed the second goal against Mexico, that Neymar set up nicely.  

Casemiro, Paulinho, and Coutinho are meshing together terrifically. The El Clasico trio, have been great distributing the ball amongst the team. Willian had the best performance last match, and could very well do so again. With Coutinho dropping deep, and allowing Willian to slot behind Jesus and Neymar, that Belgium back 3 could be in for a long night. 

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