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The North Represents

The North Represents

Just waking up on a casual Sunday. Watched to much Game of Thrones last night, and I feel it in my eye. I don’t know if it’s actually from watching Game of Thrones, but I don’t want to blame my 2 week old baby, yet. 

Was not a huge day for Matchups, or a huge game. Not some monster derbies going on, but just some quality soccer. Today’s happiness, started out from Germany. 

Bayern Munich seemed to have its hands full with Stuttgart, in the first half. An own goal to start the second half, really killed any hope Stuttgart had, after a 1-1 first. Bayern took control in the second half, with waves of attacks. Joshua Kimmich bagged two assists in the last third of the match. Great things from all around for Bayern. Then in the 86th minute, Alphonso Davies made his Bundesliga Debut. The Canadian, who started in the USL, had progressive minutes when he came on. Granted, maybe 6 minutes plus stoppage time, to play, but he’s getting into these matches. 

If you would have told me two years ago that the USL would put out a prodigy, who would be bought by a top European club, I would’ve laughed in your face. Alphonso Davies, single handedly gave us all hope. Fighting for Minutes with Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry, I could see Davies looking down a late substitution spot. It would really be something, if he came in in the Champions League next month, for Bayern. He made the step to the top, now I’ll be tuning into Bayern weekly. I’ve never said that before, but Davies could do great things, running down the wing. 


Soon after the Bayern Munich victory, I turned to twitter to boast a bit about Davies. It never happened because I saw Tyler Adams was getting the start for RB Leipzig. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! First Davies, and now Adams? North America representing! 

Tyler Adams is a United States Men’s National Team, BALLER. Reports bad come out to say, he impressed in his first couple weeks at Leipzig. There’s no doubt he belongs where he is, but to be given the chance is a totally different story.  From the MLS, to the Bundesliga in a month. Those are pretty big steps to take, just from a competition stand point. Adams spent a majority of the match, in the opposition’s half. He spotted a few instances, where he marauded through the midfield and sent his team on their way. He was playing some beautiful 1-2’s with Timo Werner going forward. Everything just seemed to flow for him. From start to finish, Adams was everywhere In the first half. 


I was impressed, seeing a guy who I watched in MLS, now in Germany, making a name for himself. Again, I couldn’t believe I had just watched two matches, and seen two players from the MLS, in Germany. I was in awe, then I got hit with some more news. Diego Lainez is starting for Real Betis. 

Lainez to Real Betis was my favorite transfer of the January window. He is one of the best up and coming Mexican players, and he just won the title with América. He ran with that momentum, all the way to Spain. In a very technical league, La Liga suits Lainez more than other big European leagues. For Davies and Adams, Germany suits their playing styles. Lainez was more suited for La Liga. More of a open and technical game. Dribbling skills and the ability to round defenders, helped Lainez get a shot in the first half. However Bilbao, was dominating the first half.


Canada, United States, and Mexico all have a bright future. Alphonso Davies aged 18, Tyler Adams aged 19, and Diego Lainez aged 18, could very well be around for a decade. With a Future World Cup, coming to all of us, it’s important the World knows how what we have on our home soil. We have the future. It’s bright as ever. 3 amazing talents, represent 3 incredible countries. To me, it’s amazing to turn on soccer and see North America being represented in Europe.

2019, the Year of The North. 

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