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MMWR #1 OG, Messi, San Carlitos, Iago Aspas Legend, and Cardiff’s Robbery.

This Monday Midday Weekend Roundup, is live. This is the first one I’m doing. Since the birth of my child, I have fallen behind in writing, and will look to start drop this on Mondays. Weekend recap of matches I watched, and events that caught my eye. This is the first draft and edition, lefts roll with it. 

First weeks topics:

Ole Gunnar did well in his first match as permanent manager of United, Messi is the Titan if Football, and Iago Aspas showed us why we play the game. The Premier League robbed Cardiff City, by not having VAR this season. Carlos Vela and LAFC, are perfection  

Lets Roll It: 

Starting on Saturday, Ole Gunnar took charge of his first match as permanent manager of Manchester United. The Three-Year-Deal, will really take shape in the summer, when Ole Gunnar will have his first transfer window to purchase players. Doing with what he has now, winning, is impressive to say the least. It’s clear, Mourinho had lost the locker room when he had left. Ole being a player manager, seems to have saved the season. The former Manchester United player, has brought out the best in Luke Shaw, Paul Pogba, and performance by Martial this weekend, may just be of things to come. Martial signed a new deal in January, which has him at the club till 2024. Ole Gunnar and Martial could be a better fit for the future. The Man of The Match against Watford, Martial worked dynamically well together with Rashford. Something you could see for the next 3 years, or more. 


The next thing on my Saturday, was Messi Freekick, as usual. I feel it’s almost an every weekend occurrence. Messi freekick, outside the box, golazo. Victor Sánchez of Espanyol, thought he had out smarted Messi. He ran off the wall, to the goal line to try and head away the effort. The chip was so delicate and curled so eligently, it was almost a practiced set piece for Sánchez to Head in. Congratulations, Messi just made you look silly sir. You’re added to the endless list of players, whom this man has doused, with the magical dust of that left foot. Messi, just keeps being Messi, a Titan amongst men. A Titan is someone who is God-like, powerful, and influential in a certain field. Messi is a Titan of Football, since the Pope said he is not a God. Makes sense, but I don’t know if the Pope’s watched Messi throughout his career. Godlike, maybe. I once saw Boateng get struck down by a bolt of lightning, or maybe it was just Messi. 

I witnessed Iago Aspas cry tears of passion, joy, relief, and emotion. Worst Lead in football? 2-0. Exactly what Villarreal had against Celta Vigo, only 15 minutes in. Two teams, in a relegation battle. 17th and 18th spot, fighting to stay out of relegation. A loss for Celta meant a 4 point gap between them and Villarreal, and with 3 straight losses coming into the match, Iago Aspas felt it all on his shoulders. In his first return since December, Aspas was eager to play and represent his club whom he was brought up since the “B” team. After seeing his side struggle without him, he is without a doubt, the most important player to his team. A representation of Galicia, of Celta, of Passion. Iago is back. First chance coming into the second half, down 2-0. Celta receive a free kick outside the box, who else to take it, but Aspas himself. Left foot approaches at the top of the circle, and smashes hits a curler into the left corner. Keeper can’t get enough of it, and sends it into the top netting. The stadium, is alive, and the tide has turned. Celta is feeding off the energy from their fans, and the players are outplaying Villarreal badly in the second half. Maxi Gómez gets a second in the 71st minute, and we’re all set up for a thriller. 2-2 tied. Everything to play for. Fans on their seats, players giving their all, and this is why we love it. VAR comes into play, a counter attack for Celta. Brais Méndez wins the penalty kick for Celta in the counter, but questions of offsides by Sisto, we’re under review. This is it, this is why we have VAR. Matches like this, to decide big moments. He was onside, and the penalty is given to none other than Iago Aspas himself. The leader, the man, the legend. On his comeback from injury, to send his side up 3-2 and Closer to safety, Aspas sends the keeper the other way, and slots home cools as day to his right. Fans going crazy, there are dads screaming with their sons on their shoulders, it was incredible. Iago Aspas got subbed off to a standing ovation, at the 90th minute. He was seen on the sidelines sobbing, because that comeback meant everything to him, and everything to Celta. 

 Carlos Vela is the best thing to happen to the MLS, and every day I’m thankful he’s at LAFC. Watching San Carlitos play, is magical and amazing. He’s effortless at times, and graceful up and down the pitch. His left foot could guide Cupid’s arrow into your heart, or slice it open with a surgical steel blade. He did both against San Jose on Saturday. Scoring a hattrick, creating an assist, as well as the most chances in the match. The leader of LAFC, brings a special spunk to the squad. He scored a goal, that even had the ball boy of San Jose, in utter shock. You just can’t give Vela space on the right side, and room to cut in with his left, it’s a goal. It’s a beautiful every single time. Bob Bradley has challenged Vela to become the Messi of The MLS, and it’s amazing how well he’s responded. With title aspirations this year, I hope Vela continues his fine form. The entire team, and City can benefit from San Carlitos season. It’s going to be one to remember with LAFC top in the West, and Vela the Top Goal scorer with 6, we have an exciting start to a sophomore season in LA. 

With VAR coming into play in a relegation battle in Spain, I watched a match Sunday morning, and wondered why in the hell they don’t have VAR in the Premier League? The self proclaimed best league, is ok with not being up to date with technological advances in the game. Even if the referee blows an offside call, and causes Cardiff City two huge points in their own Relegation Battle. While allowing Chelsea to gain ground in their Champions League campaign, Cardiff City got taken out of a great performance they displayed, because an official missed a blatant offside call. Their were two Chelsea players offsides, and Cesar Azpilicueta the goalscorer, was one of them. If Cardiff City do get relegated by a point, it’s utterly disheartening to think of this instance. Why isn’t the Premier League using VAR? Yes it is new, and yes it is a work in progress, but come on. It was effectively used in Spain this year, and helped immensely. Cardiff were robbed. VAR will be in use next season in the Premier League, but it won’t help Cardiff if they aren’t there next season. Its official, after this weekend, The Premier League dropped the ball on not having VAR. 


MMWR #2 Wrestling Starting XI.

Mario Balotelli, we cherish this man.

Mario Balotelli, we cherish this man.