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MMWR 3, What I Almost Missed.

Salah’s goal brought my family pure joy, and I can’t express what it means to me. 

We were waiting to go to breakfast on Sunday morning. My fiancé and I were sitting on the couch. Drinking our coffee, with our 3 month old in between us. She was lounging in her Boppy, as it’s called, and watching football with us. Chelsea and Liverpool, I was in and out of the match, getting stuff ready, when I looked up at the perfect time. See, Amanda has this thing for always predicting when something’s about to happen. Always. I’m writing this Monday morning, and I can’t tell you how many times I heard what was going to happen in Game of Thrones last night, 2 seconds before it happened. It’s more or less she’s excited, and predicts it out loud. Totally understandable. It has its benefits when you’re on your phone during a match though, and then something phenomenal happens.  

I was engaging in the twittersphere about the match, when Liverpool had the ball. 

She said “babe look” , and kinda nudged my forearm that was holding the phone. 

At that time Big Virg has just sent a ball out wide. I said “yeah yeah, alright” cause I assumed this was her telling me I was on my phone to much, and I needed to pay the fuck attention to the environment, AKA HER AND THE BABY. Possibly the cats too. 

I looked up for about 5 seconds, and had to bust out my phone to record what I just saw. Unbelievable.  

Salah hit an absolute stunner, into the top corner. A laser if you must. No doubter from the second it left his foot. My jaw dropped. 

“See, get off your phone”  

She then turned to my daughter and made her laugh, telling her about how she’s always right. It was perfect. 

Forever thankful I listened to my baby mama, and got off my phone. It was nice to enjoy the goal, and the moments after with the family. That moment, made me appreciate where I am in my life, and all that I have. That’s what we live for, moments to remember. Weird as it may be, it made me realize how often I might miss out on engaging with people next to me, and feeling those emotional moments. Dumb internet. Salah’s goal is making me take a step towards that, and from now on will look to do so. This wasn’t something huge and monumental, it was just a nice moment to have. You build up all these moments, as much as you can  

Put the phone down, and engage with those around you. 


You matter and stay blessed,

just roll with it.  

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