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Real Madrid Are Cowards For Not Having A Woman’s Team.

Plain and simple, it’s a choice from the club. In an evolution of the game, we have seen it rise in all corners of the world. The Women’s Game is elevating, and thriving. We’ve seen it in Italy, England, Spain, and in Mexico this season. With the World Cup this Summer in France, the United States will be televising it on Fox. You’ll be able to hear about these badass women, who’ve earned their right to play on the big stage. 

The Best Women’s Player in the World, will not be attending the Women’s World Cup, Ada Hegerberg. She was asked if she knew how to twerk after receiving the first ever Women’s Balon d’Or award, this passed year. May sound like a joke, but it’s not. Shoutout DJ Martin Solveig for being an asshole, and ruining a beautiful moment in this women’s career and in women’s sports.

Real Madrid claims to be the best club in the world. They claim to have changed European football, and so forth, for the men’s at least. You haven’t done anything for the women’s game. You are so far behind in that aspect, it’s kind of embarrassing. 

Also, how could you be one of the most respected clubs in Europe, and not have a Women’s team? That’s a joke. It’s no surprise that I’m a Real Madrid fan. You know this. Over the last few years, I’ve waited for the club to expand. Yes the trophies are nice, but what about the expansion into areas of the world in which the game needs? 

You cowards. You’re simply choosing to not have a Women’s team. You can’t tell me the funds aren’t there, the stadium isn’t there, the funds aren’t there, or the facilities aren’t there. It’s simply a decision to not engage in the Women’s game.  

I have a daughter now, and it’s going to hard to convince her to be a Real Madrid fan, in general, now when there’s no women’s team to watch or cheer for. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to watch that shit either.  

Theres zero excuses as to why there’s no women’s team for Real Madrid. For being the best club of the 20th century, you’re certainly off to a shit start for the 21st. You are disrespecting the women’s game, and it needs to stop. 

Florentino Pérez, you’re looking bad, as usual. 


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