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Thoughts on Leicester City and Manchester City.

It’s a big game for obvious reasons. So let me point out the obvious. 


Jamie Vardy, Great in big matches. Was critical in Leicester shocking title winning season a few years ago, and could be huge for Liverpool’s shocker. Chat shit get banged. 

James Maddison has been one of the best players for Leicester this season, with the most assist (7) and second most goals (7) on the team, only trailing Vardy. He’s been their highest rated player according to FotMob, average a 7.4 rating. Stellar. 

Youri Tielemens has come on over from Monaco since they’ve stunk it up in France. Since his Loan, in 11 matches he’s had 3 goals and 4 assists. He’s on fire and he’s excellent in between the lines. He seems to like to play with Vardy, and complements well with Maddison, who’s now out wide. 

Ricardo Pereira will have his hands full today, as Sane will run rampant, or Sterling given how Pep does his Pep-ness. Coming up big with assist this season, against Arsenal, Tottenham, and Everton, he will look to get behind on the counter and take Zinchenko on, and Mimic his goal he got last time these teams played in December. 

Jonny Evans was on that United team that famously lost the title to City on the Last day of the Premier League. Remember? He’s been around for awhile but I know he hasn’t forgotten. 

Brendan Rodgers, the man at the helm. How and the hell did we get where we are? The man that almost got the title the last time for Liverpool, and now he has this chance for them, again. If I’ve ever learned about anything and watching Game of Thrones, it’s about redemptions. Can Brendan Rodgers seal his fate as an incredible Liverpool Manager, of Leicester City. That shit don’t make any sense, but they will sing his name if they pull this off.   

City has been a buzzsaw for the majority of the season, and I just need to have some hope. City has been fantastic and it’s nothing against them. What Leicester could do today, could be historic again, for the second time in three seasons.  

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