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Queen Pinoe Leading A Summer Wave.

It’s that beautiful time of the World Cup, the knockout rounds. The gut wrenching beauty that makes you love this sport, and feel for people you don’t even know. 

Last Summer, the Men’s team won the World Cup for France, in France. Something you could say was poetic. To the dear destruction of the beloved Croatian team, France had taken over the World. With such a dominate display in their opening match, the France Women’s National Team seemed destined to make the run. A week later and a lucky 13, the USWNT seemed like they had a date with destiny. 

A few things presumed between then;

•USWNT celebrated to much.  

•Jill Ellis rightfully questioned for lineup

•Argentina won our hearts  

•Sweden and USA talked smack  

•Italy had a strong showing  


•Christiane showed she is not to be forgotten  

•Thailand Scored and gave us an iconic moment  

•Jenni Hermoso is fantastic at football  

•Nigeria didn’t make it, in the worst way

•USA vs Europe in the Knockout rounds  


•Handballs are cruel

•Marta had gave the speech of a lifetime  

•We got sad for Canada 

•Megan Rapinoe said she wasn’t “visiting the fucking White House”  

•The Trumpet sounded back  

Yeah, it’s been a wild World Cup. I don’t know if that’s exactly the order, It’s been chaos.  


Needless to say, the biggest dissatisfaction has come from VAR. It has come in situations in which you have almost felt needless. I am livid at the Goalkeeping decisions they’ve decided to extremely enforce at this World Cup. Yes, they are the rules. A goalkeeper cannot come of their line before the ball is kicked. Yes, thems are da rules. We don’t like them, but it is what it is. The enforcing of that rule, and the neglect of players entering the box before the ball is kicked, is where questions came about. You can’t pick and chose where you want to use VAR. If it implies to an entire situation, you must take all incidents into accountability. If we cannot do that, we cannot have VAR. Which has come under immense scrutiny for its usage in situations that were called questionable. You have to be consistent in which you use this technology, especially at a tournament of this magnitude. 

USWNT has been subject to having controversial decisions in both of their knockout rounds. Against Spain, a late non-VAR check for a penalty in Paredes, would’ve given Spain a last second penalty to have a shot to tie it. Against Spain, a handball in the box, much like occurred against Japan, was not given or even gone to a VAR review. Why are we not using this technology consistently in those situations? It’s because that’s the one thing that’s never with the Officiating, consistency. FIFA must take care of this situation, I mean they literally had a rules change in the middle of the tournament about Penalty kicks taken from the spot, after ET. They knew the goalkeeping enforcement would create such a delay in the Penalty Kicks, they decided to just not deal with it. I don’t expect this to get any better after this World Cup, but it always gets worse first right? 



An interview came out mid week with Megan Rapinoe making a statement of “I’m not going to the fucking White House.” Of course, Twitter lost their minds, and Mr. Big Thumbs had to make a twitter statement as he usually does. It invoked a lot of immense media build up before the match with France. Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan had a sound and immense performance against France. Leading their country to a matchup with England in the semis. England seems to be finding their game at the right time. After controlling the match against Norway, and scoring some amazing goals (BRONZE BOMBED ONE BABY!), Neville really has his side at their peak! Setting up for an excellent matchup with USA, England is really behind their Lionesses, and so is their media. Daily Mail put out an article stating that even the French were going for England.


Here we go again, another one. Every match has been closely scrutinized from their opener of having to much celebratory happiness after putting up 13 against Thailand, to Jill Ellis not playing the right players, and the buildup to the france match was that of a final. Setting up this with England, they are now attacking how arrogant our Women’s Team is, especially two of our Captains. Seems like every match our women’s team plays, is a statement match for them. From the news of the payment disparity with the men’s teams leading up to this tournament, which is outrageous, to now the attention on them every week, I’m thoroughly amazing at how well our countrywomen have performed. They say you have to perform with all the distractions that surround you, even in the biggest stage. There’s no bigger stage than this, and the distractions are all around. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Our women’s team needs us, and we chose to tear them apart for having a voice. We don’t deserve these incredible women, we don’t deserve this incredible team. USA.

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