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Gareth Bale And Real Madrid in Divorce Court

We’ve watched this unfold and it’s been somewhat of a novela, but has there been anything more dramatic than Bale and Real Madrid? Maybe Neymar and Barca, Or Griezmann and Atleti, but the end of Bale’s career at Madrid has been never ending between his agent Jonathan Barnett and Manager zinedine Zidane.

Barnett told BBC WALES “Zidane is a Disgrace, he shows no respect for a player who has done so much for Real Madrid”

wild how this entire bale saga has turned out, as bale has stated he doesn’t want to leave.

His contract runs for two more seasons, so any club would have to trigger his clause or negotiate with Florentino Pérez. That’s not necessarily going to be an ideal situation if a player doesn’t want to leave, especially if he’s done so much for a club since 2013. Including win 4 champions leagues, one of those having the best champions league goals of all time, against Liverpool.

What Bale can bring to a team, is just about everything you want in a player, if he can stay healthy. Teams won’t be wanting to pay as much as Real Madrid originally, but Pérez won’t want to take a low bid for a 4 time Champions League winning Winger. The Welshman was critical in the last against Liverpool, we all can’t stress that enough.

We all can now see that his beef is with Zidane, and Zidane isn’t making it unknown. You have to wonder though, what is it that really is pushing Zidane to have Bale ousted, and who will come in, if anybody?

There are already far to many players on the roster, and with Ceballos move confirmed to Arsenal, you could maybe see more midfield players leaving.

Still would love a Bale for Pogba switch, and I think it would be ideal for both parties. Just tossing that out there. Obviously that means either Casemiro, Kroos, Or Modrić could be leaving, as well as Isco.

By far, the most under appreciated player I’ve seen in my time, and maybe in Real Madrid’s History. When he was good, he was great, was Gareth Bale. The only thing that loomed, was the consistency in which he was healthy.

Bale will always have the most mysterious Bernabéu Story, he was loved and hated. Amazing how he was the key to La Décima, which was the longest awaited trophy for Madridista’s.

The respect will eventually be restored, but who knows when. Maybe it will be in 16 more years, when Real Madrid hasn’t won a Champions League since Bale.

Bale, thank you for everything.

you deserve to write your own chapter, and I hope you do just that. Please don’t go to China.

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